• PhoneSoap Locker

    Sanitize All Your Devices

    Clean house with the one safe solution
    for all your devices.

  • PhoneSoap Locker

    Sanitize All Your Devices

    Clean house with the one safe solution
    for all your devices.

Securely Store Up To 8 Devices!

Securely Store Up
To 8 Devices!

TabletSoap Locker provides a safe place to store personal electronic devices wherever you use them. Families can store devices from kids or lock up devices when leaving home. Hospitals and school administrators can store devices behind lock and key, helping with security and inventory assessment. The locker consists of a drawer with a key lock on the outside. On the inside, the separate compartments provide a convenient and secure spot for each device. The locker holds 8 devices, and it simultaneously accommodates different sizes and operating systems.
Sync & Charge Your Devices

Sync & Charge
Your Devices

While your devices are stored in the TabletSoap locker, they can be connected to power and charged. There are enough USB ports inside the locker to sync and charge each of your devices and full charging capacity.
Sanitize All Your Devices

Sanitize All
Your Devices

Cleansing technology has always been messy and time-consuming. TabletSoap locker simplifies and speeds up the sanitizing process. A series of UV-C lamps line the top of the locker emitting a very specific wavelength of light around your devices. The light hits the device and passes through the cell walls of bacteria and viruses and impairs their DNA. Once the DNA is compromised, the cells die and can no longer cause infections or disease. In a matter of minutes, all of your stored devices are sanitized, making them cleaner for your loved ones, students, and patients.

Safe & Secure

PhoneSoap Locker includes a lock and key for safe nightly storage.

Know When It’s Clean

A backlit indicator informs you when cleaning is done, or when product needs service.

Easily Stackable

PhoneSoap Locker is both stackable and mountable for easy storage.

Stop Germs, Stay Healthy

TabletSoap Locker helps you stay healthy and well by eliminating bacteria, viruses and drug-resistant superbugs.

Four high-output UV-C lamps that provide hospital grade disinfection.*

Optional dividers for
up to 8 tablets.

Eight high-amplitude USB charge ports for quick charging.


         • Key lock

         • Sanitizes all devices simultaneously

         • Eight 24.A charging ports

         • Removable and adjustable dividers


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